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My god, this was more intense than any survival game I've ever played. Who knew hitting a small rectangle could be so disastrous for one's career?
In all seriousness though, really awesome game. It's impressive how much you've fitted in it for this amount of time.
My only negative feedback is that resources keet draining while working on history/art and it was a bit hard to estimate how much you'd lose while doing the minigame, since it stacks with the values that are showed when standing by the table/pc.

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Thanks for your feedback! I'm starting on the GM Language (Over 3 weeks ago), but i'm trying to improve my skills.
I agree with you, that's a big mistake in the game, maybe if i set a pause while the character is doing the history/art..
Anyway, i'm glad about your feedback! I'll try to make better games to the next jams! I hope you like them! :-D
(Sry about my extremely rusty english lol)

this is a surprisingly polished game , very nice art , and nice gameplay of reasource management cross platforming , the game is quite hard though got 5/6 pages done before dying of starvation

good game in any regard :)

Ty so much! All your feedbacks are extremely important for me!!
I'll try to produce better games than this along the time! :-D